1701 South Seventh Street
Ironton, OH 45638

Ironton High School is a four-year high school providing quality instructional programs. The school is well known for its high standards and exceptional performance of students. Offering a well-rounded curriculum which is strong in the core subjects and providing excellent elective programs, Ironton High School is a leader in southern Ohio.

Extra-curricular sports are offered and an outstanding record in football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, and track and field are among the many team and individual accomplishments.

Foreign languages are offered with four-year Spanish and German programs.

Non Omnia Sed Bona Et Bene

Ironton High School
1701 South Seventh Street
Ironton, Ohio 45638
Phone: 740 -532-3911
Fax: 740 -533-6027

Joe Rowe

Jeff Hairston
Assistant Principal

Sherry Delong

Marissa Fields
School Counselor

William Kleinman

School Counselor

Lana Lawless

Mark LaFon
Athletic Director


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