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Mr. Thomas

Integrated Social Studies I: A social studies class integrating the United States history into the world view from 1750 to the present. The class will incorporate concepts from history, political science, economics, geography, ethnic and gender diversity, cultural diversity, and sociology.

Integrated Social Studies I (Weighted): A social studies integrating United States history into the
world view from 1750 to the present. The course will incorporate concepts from many social studies
disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on demonstrating understanding through written expression. The
course will also incorporate the study of appropriate works from literature and the fine arts.

Mr. Bowling

Integrated Social Studies II: This course covers U.S. History from 1877 to the present. This period may include a review of the Civil War, the Progressive Era, World Wars I and II, and the post war era leading up to the 1990’s. Assignments will include reading assignments, map work, evaluation of primary sources, and written work in preparation for the Ohio Graduation Test. This class is offered at the sophomore level.

Integrated Social Studies (Weighted): In addition to the requirements for Integrated Social Studies II, this class will focus on subjective testing and critical thinking skills. Students will be required to read novels, biographies and papers, and prepare presentations at the discretion of the teacher. When time permits, literature, art and primary sources will be integrated into the course. Overall, this course will focus on college preparation.

Advanced Placement US Government: Students in the AP US Government class will be expected to complete assigned work beyond the required work for the regular Government class. Testing will involve more critical thinking skills by the use of essay questions. Students will also be expected to complete two book reports and two short research projects. Other assignments in addition to those mentioned may be assigned.


Mr. Graham

OGT Social Studies Intervention: This course is available to students who have not passed the social studies portion of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). This class will count towards credits needed for graduation, but will not fulfill social studies requirements to graduate. (½ credit- Semester Course)

Integrated Social Studies III: This course will integrate five areas of social studies: Economics, Psychology, Sociology, History and Government. Emphasis will be on financial literacy, including the relationship of supply and demand on society and the market, the consequences of choices affecting budgets, savings, credit, philanthropy, and investments of both persons and governments, and the effect of interest on both borrowers and savers. This class will be offered at the eleventh grade level. (1 credit )

Integrated Social Studies III (Weighted): In addition to the requirements for Integrated Social Studies III, this class will focus on more subjective testing and critical thinking skills. Out of class assignments such as papers or extra reading will be at the discretion of the instructor. (1 credit )


Integrated Social Studies III (Weighted):

This course is designed to include several areas of social studies including financial literacy, American history, psychology, geography, and sociology. Testing will include essays and short answers as well as objective questions. Several papers will be required in each portion of the curriculum. Participation in the annual Social Studies Expo is required of students taking this course. Other projects will be formulated during the year at the discretion of the instructor.

Problems of American Democracy: The basic structure and organization of the three branches of the American governmental systems at the national, state, and local levels are studied in this class. Particular emphasis is given to current social and political problems and events.


Requirements for History

4 units of social studies; Integrated Social Studies I, Integrated Social Studies II, Integrated Social Studies III
American Government (PAD)


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