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Mrs. Metzger     English 9

English 9: Basic English skills, including grammar, punctuation, and usage, are covered with emphasis on sentence structure and composition. Oral and written communication skills are stressed. English 9 encompasses the study of the short story, the novel, poetry, and drama. The novels covered are Fallen Angel and Tears of a Tiger. Students will also read Romeo and Juliet.

English 9 (Weighted): This course entails all of which is covered in English 9 with additional expectations. Students will write longer compositions and cover more material at a faster pace than English 9. One novel will be assigned as summer reading. In addition to the novels in English 9, Animal Farm and To Kill a Mockingbird will also be read in the weighted class..

The English 9 textbook is now accessible online at http://my.hrw.com.  username:  tigers2015  password:  pride

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Ms. MullinsMs. Mullens     English 10

English 10: This is a course designed to reinforce and build upon the basic English language skills. It includes a grammar and vocabulary study, composition essay and theme writing, and a general study of world literature. In English 10, some of the supplementary texts may include Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men , and Night.

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English 11

English 11 emphasizes the recognition and interpretation of these types of American literature: poetry, drama, essay, short story, novel, and biography. Students will learn to identify elements and themes common to all literature types. This course features the writing process and written and oral communication skills. A research paper is required.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn will be read at the beginning of the school year. Additional novels include: The Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye

English 11 (Weighted): In addition to the requirements of the general English 11, an in-depth study of four American novels with analytical compositions, and comprehensive tests will be expected. One novel will be read over the summer. Students participate in the publication of The Renaissance Magazine. Overall, this writing intensive course will focus on college preparation.

Please watch for the English 11 blog.

Other Items of Interest: Cab Calloway Project , Text for The Great Gatsby, Text for The A&P


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Mrs. Ross    English 12

English 12 is a survey of British and world literature concentrating on the novel, short story, drama and poetic forms. Assignments will include projects and research activities with some oral presentations. Creative writing is emphasized. The novels that will be read are Macbeth and Jane Eyre

English 12 (Advanced Placement): In addition to covering the material included in the general English 12 course, the A.P. course is a demanding class that puts even greater emphasis upon critical thinking and writing skills, and college preparatory assignments. It departs from the traditional lecture format and emphasizes student centered activities and multiple concurrent projects. Verbal ability, intellectual growth, and creativity are stressed. Four novels will be read, one of which will be read over the summer. The novels are Tale of Two Cities, Frankenstein, and Hamlet

English 10 (Weighted): In addition to the basic curriculum for English 10 as described in the Program of Studies, Weighted English 10 will include reading a novel over the summer break followed by a test on the novel the first week of school. There will be greater emphasis on critical thinking and writing skills, learning to work independently on various assignments, and more homework assignments.

Additional Resources: Frankenstein Text

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Special Activities

Graduation requirements for English

Students are required to complete four units of English to graduate from Ironton High School


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Ongoing Contests:

The Nashville International Song and Lyric Competition


Contests with Deadlines

The Last Martin Story Contest

AMVETS National Americanism Essay Contest



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