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Spanish I: An introduction to Spanish is offered in this class. Students work with textbooks, tapes, and a workbook that correlates with both the laboratory and the text. The course consists of elementary listening, speaking and writing skills, as well as elementary grammar and translation. It also offers a brief cultural study, which includes geography, music, literature, and history of the Spanish-speaking countries.


Spanish II: Spanish II is a continuation of Spanish I. This course continues the basic grammar of the language and introduces the student to more advanced translation, conversation, and composition. Emphasis is placed upon the cultural and historical background of Spain and Latin America.

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Spanish III: Spanish III is a review and continuation of the grammar studied in Spanish I and II. More emphasis is placed on oral reading and composition skills. Readings will provide information and insights into Hispanic culture. Students will participate in dialogues and discussions of readings in Spanish.


Spanish IV: (Weighted): Spanish IV utilizes text, tapes, and other reading materials. Students will master advanced grammar, and composition skills will continue to be emphasized. Readings will deal with Hispanic life with customs and contemporary Hispanic literature will be introduced. Students will listen to and produce audiotapes. Oral proficiency is stressed individually in dialogues, and in-group situations. This class is open to seniors only.

You are not required to take a foreign language at Ironton High School to graduate, but it is

"STRONGLY" suggested that you do.

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