Charles F. Scherer - Class of 1998

e-mail address: UTPhi348@AOL.COM

I am currently an undergrad at The University of Tampa in Tampa
Florida.  I have also been employed by the United States Department of
Justice / U.S. Attorney's Office for a year now.

I will be graduating from UT in May of 2002 with a bachelors Degree in
Government and World Affairs /Pre-Law.  I have been active in Phi Delta Theta Fraternity since fall of 1998 and many other organizations.  

After graduation, I plan on attending law school either in Florida or California and going into International or Federal Law.  Currently, I have been working on obtaining my private pilots license, school work, and my job.  

My job keeps me very busy along with school and everything else, but I have made several political connections and  it has been my pleasure to meet former Attorney General Janet Reno and to work in the Federal environment.  So for now, I am still single and just working on my education and looking forward to law school.  

Charles F. Scherer
IHS Class of 1998