Danny Joseph - Class of 1980

e-mail address: d-joseph2@ti.com

:  I currently reside in Plano, Texas a suburb of Dallas. I am an
electrical engineer at Texas Instruments, having worked there since
1987. I am a huge sports fanatic. I attend as many sporting events I
can, especially Washington Redskin games(I help run the local fan
club). I also play at least a 100 softball games a year. Believe it or
not, I am still involved with wrestling. I am a high school and
college referee. I love to travel and have traveled all over the
world, especially  the beaches to do some snorkeling. I have been to
the three largest barrier reefs in the world.
   I would love to hear from old classmates and friends.
Thanks and Regards,

Hail to the Redskins,
Dan Joseph