Former Students of Ironton High School
This page is an effort to help former students of Ironton High School who moved away before their class graduated.   These folks would also like to stay in touch with former classmates and friends here in Ironton.

My name is Amber Wise.  I used to live in Ironton but I moved in 1993 to St. Louis Michigan.  I miss everyone from the class of 97.  My e-amil address is I would love to hear from old class mates!


I lived in Ironton from 6th to 9th grade, but moved to Texas.  I would have been in the Class of '84.

I was very excited to see the website.  I appreciate the opportunity to be included even though I'm not a real alumnus.

I'd like to say a special hello to Chris Parsons, Pierre Tismo, Mary Catherine Keating and Mary Lynn Jones.

I can be emailed at

I'd love to hear from you!

Clay Yearsley


I really enjoyed the allumni page I would have graduted 1984 but I didn't make it. I sure do miss all my friends. And would like very much to hear from them.. My e-mail is  Oh , yea my name is Nellie Mays.                       


                                    Thank you....

I visited the Ironton High web site and wanted to let you know that I thought it was great.  Especially the fact that you included a picture
of the High School.

I noticed that you have a list of alumni by graduating year.  I went to school in Ironton, 5th through 11th, but I ended up moving my senior year and graduating from Boyd Co.
Therefore, I am not an alumni, but I wondered if there was a way you could insert a paragraph for "would have been graduates" in case someone would like to contact the rest of us. I'm sure there were probably dropouts also.  If you can't, I understand.  Thanks for
hearing me out.

Jeri Sloan

Web Site:

Anita Staton was a member of the Class of 1995.  However, she moved to Myrtle Beach before her senior year.

I attended school in Ironton up till my senior year when my family moved to
Virignia.  I was in the graduating class of 1979.  I finished my final year of
school in Charlottesville, Virignia.  I would love to hear from old
classmates.  I now live in Virginia Beach, VA.  If you could add my name to
your list, I would greatly appreciate it.

Melissa (Compston) Startley