Keith Henson - 1983

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After graduation Keith joined the United States Marine Corps, shipping to basic training on November 30th of 1983. After basic (Parris Island, SC) he attended his aviation training in NAS Memphis, Millington, TN and then advanced aviation training in NAS North Island, San Diego California. He arrived at his permanent duty station in NAS New River, Jacksonville, NC in September of 1984. 

Keith further developed his interest in computers on his own while serving in the Marine Corps as a support equipment mechanic and ran a nationally known BBS (Bulletin Board System – “The Alfheim BBS”, Fidonet:3614/104). 

Attached to Marine medium helicopter squadron (HMM-266) he deployed to numerous locations including 29 Palms California, Bridgeport California, Fort McCoy Wisconsin, Evenes Norway, Bardufoss Norway, Jacksonville Florida, Honduras, Nicaragua and many others as well as a few floats, mostly aboard the LPH USS Inchon to Norway and aboard the LPD USS Austin to Honduras. 

While in New River Keith married Ruth Poole and had two children, Aaron (born 1985) and Karen (born 1989). 

In January of 1991, Keith deployed with his squadron to support Operation Desert Storm and was based in Al Jabail Saudi Arabia. During his time there he was also field stationed in a camp known as “Lonesome Dove” and ultimately in Kuwait City after the Iraqi troops had departed. He was there until June of 1991 and returned to New River NC. 

Mandatory US force cuts put an end to his military career in December of 1991 when he was honorably discharged and returned home to Ohio, living in Chesapeake for a time. He worked for a while with various companies in the Tri-State area including Chapman Printing (now called Champion Industries) of Huntington, WV and RAM Technologies of Ashland KY. 

Keith started his own business (New World Data Systems) in South Point OH in 1994. The business lasted until 1997 when Keith left Ironton and moved to Charlotte NC, his marriage to Ruth ended at this time as well. 

While in Charlotte Keith worked for various companies including Cedalion Systems, New Horizons Computer Training, Mass Mutual Settlement Solutions, and Microsoft, he is currently contracted to Wachovia Bank as a programmer. 

Keith was also certified as a Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), an MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) and an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer.) 

While at New Horizons Keith met and married Joni Williamson, another computer instructor on staff, and the two of them started Rho 7 Solutions, capitalizing on Joni’s Six Sigma project skills and both of their computer expertise. 

On a personal note as of September of 2006: 

Keith and Joni are happily married and living in Pineville, NC. Joni is perfect for Keith, she is young beautiful, intelligent, driven by forward ambition and possesses all the traits he finds admirable in a person. Like Keith, she has taught herself the skills required to succeed in life and is using them with gusto. They are building a new house scheduled for completion in late December this year or early January 2007. They have no children and five cats. Both love watching movies together and working to further their mutually owned consulting business. Keith has developed a love for sipping fine tequila and currently prefers “Reserva de la familia” as his libation of choice. He loves action movies, old music, good food, good coffee and telling stories of his life to anyone who will listen.