Patricia Hall - 1960

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After graduation I was employed with General Telephone Company, in Ashland, Ky.  I married AJ Sexton (class of 56) in 1963.  We relocated to Grove City, Ohio in 1975 where I still reside.  We have two children Andrea, who is an Attorney, and lives in Grove City, and AJ V(Chip), who is a Stock Broker in California. 
AJ was killed in a traffic accident in 1991.  I was a widow until 1999, when I married Gary Sigrist.  At that time I converted my religion to Catholicism. We enjoy our 17 grandchildren.  Gary died in September of 2006.  One week after his death my first biological grandchild was born in California, to my son and his wife.  AJ Sexton VI.  He is a real joy and so beautiful.    To bad he lives so far away. 
I am a Real Estate Agent with a large locally owned firm.  I enjoy sunshine, friends and my Conure, Banjo.