Ironton Elementary School & Ironton Middle School


Ironton Elementary School
Grades K-5

302 Delaware Street
Ironton, Ohio 45638
Phone: (740) 532-2209
Fax:     (740) 532-3077

John Maynard
Robert Rowe

School Counselor

David Ashworth
Assistant Principal


Shelli Culbertson

Debbie Easterling

Deanna Martin
Records Secretary

Title 1 Information
District Parental Involvement Policy
IES Parental Involvement Policy
Parent Right To Know
School Parent Compact



Ohio's State Tests
Alternate Assessments

Early Learning Assessment
English Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies
Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment
Practice Tests
Student Participation in Testing
Testing Time for Ohio’s State Tests
Test Dates

Local Tests
Terra Nova 3 (Gifted Screening Grade 2 & 5)
InView 1 (Gifted Screening Grade 2 & 5)

Parent Tips
 The Parent Teacher Conference


Guiding Ideas
To Get Success, Expect It!
Give Your Child The Gift of Time
Make Regular School Attendance a Priority
Home-School  Partnership Boosts Achievement

Promote Respect With The Three C's
Responsibility Improves With Practice

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