Dr. and Mrs. Barney Osborne
Memorial Scholarship

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Ironton High School Commencement
June 6,

On a warm night in early June, over 120 seniors, along with their family members and friends, gathered at Tanks Memorial Stadium for Ironton High School’s 131st Commencement. 

Dave Osborne, President of the Dr. Barney Osborne Scholarship Fund, Inc. was graciously invited to award the inaugural Dr. Barney Osborne Memorial Scholarship at this event.

The first scholarship award was presented to Daniel Price, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Price of Ironton.  The initial scholarship award was $500.

 Here is the text of the Scholarship Introduction as given by Dave Osborne at the commencement ceremonies:

First, I want to thank Ironton High School and the Ironton City Board of Education for affording me the opportunity to award the Dr. Barney Osborne Memorial Scholarship at commencement this evening.  It certainly is an honor and a privilege for me to be here.

This is the inaugural year of the Dr. Barney Osborne Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship was borne out of an idea I had a couple of years ago.  The idea of a scholarship was based on two beliefs.  First, my family wanted to give back something to the community of Ironton and Ironton High School.  I have been away from the area for over 10 years now and with all the Osborne family moved away from the area, I was losing contact with my roots.  A scholarship to a graduating senior at Ironton High School was an appropriate way for me to keep in touch with the community.

But secondly, and far more importantly, the idea of this scholarship really came about as a lasting and endearing tribute to my father.  It seems hard to believe but my dad passed away 14 years ago, after 30 years as a doctor and a surgeon serving the people of Ironton and Lawrence County.

It also seems hard to imagine but the group of graduating seniors here tonight is part of the last generation to remember my dad.  Probably some of you were brought into this world by him and, although you don't remember, probably visited his office to get your first shots as an infant.

A lot has changed since then.  In my dad's time a visit to the doctor's office cost $6, house calls were commonplace and doctors had time to listen and counsel their patients about anything that was troubling them.  Now medicine is a business with corporations and partnerships and specialists and the like.  The house call is almost extinct.  The field of medicine is probably better now than it was then, but it has changed.

But one thing that has not changed is a quality education.  If there is one core belief that my father instilled in the Osborne family it was the need for a quality education.  It is something that can never be taken away from you.  If my dad were speaking to you tonight he would tell you that, although you are graduating from high school this evening, you are just beginning your education process.  Don't cheat yourself from the opportunity of learning.  It will last a lifetime.

My dad loved Ironton and was a great supporter of the town.  He lived in Ironton almost all of his life, growing up here and then coming back in the late 1950's to open up a medical practice, first downtown and then on 6th and Pine Streets.  It is the combination of my dad's love of education and his love of Ironton that made me realize that the most lasting tribute I could give my father was the Dr. Barney Osborne Memorial Scholarship for a graduating senior here tonight.

To all of those who applied for the scholarship this first year, let me commend you.  All of the applicants were outstanding candidates worthy of winning this scholarship.  The Board of Directors of the Scholarship had a difficult time selecting the finalists.  As I am sure the Board of Education also had a difficult time selecting the winner.  The first winner of this scholarship will always be an important person to both my family and me and we will be hoping for much success to our winner.

Our winner this evening has all the excellent characteristics that our Scholarship Board was seeking: high academic standing, active community involvement and a significant list of extracurricular activities.  So it gives me great pleasure in announcing the winner of the first Dr. Barney Osborne Memorial Scholarship to:  DANIEL PRICE.


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