Dr. and Mrs. Barney Osborne
Memorial Scholarship

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List of Contributors

Ashland Inc. Internal Audit Department

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adelsperger*
Mr. Charles (Pat) Anderson

Ms. Sylvia Antone

Mr. Jim Ball
Mr. Britton Barlow*
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barnett*
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Blackburn*
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blase*

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Bohanon
Mr. And Mrs. George Bovit*
Mrs. Reuben Cagan*
Mr. Bill Cameron*
Canos and Canos M. D. Inc.*
Mrs. Fred Carpenter*

Ms. Jan Choate
J&S Click, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Crawford

Ms. Amy Dammann*

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Delmore

Ms. Lauren Ditsch

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Durbin*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frisby
Dr. and Mrs. Barry George*

Mr. and Mrs. John Guldig

Ms. Cindy Hamm
Mrs. Betty Jo Heald
Mr. Philip Heald
Mrs. Mary Ginger Heeb*

Ms. Virginia Heizer
Mrs. Mary S. Henry*

Ms. Sharon Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Houston*

Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Ms. Michelle Inzetta*

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jump
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein*
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Klein*

Mr. Kevin Klein*

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Lawson*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lyons
Mrs. Ruth Markin

Ms. Samantha McClain
Mr.  Berkeley Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Moore*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mottet*
Mr. John D. O'Gara*
Mrs. Virginia Osborne*sla
Mr. David B. Osborne*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Osborne

Mr. Richard Pena*

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Penix*

Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Pousette

Dr. and Mrs. David Ratliff*

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rinker

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Royce

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rusenko
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Scherer

Dr. Beth Seiler*
Ray Shaffer Plumbing and Heating*

Ms. Raegan Sharp*
Mr. Doug Silverman*

Mr. and Mrs. John Slavnik
Mrs. Clara Smeltzer*
Mr. John Spaulding*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stitt

Mr. Michael Terry*
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Underwood*

Mr. Craig Vangas

Mr. Ronald Van Der Windt
In Memory of Father Joseph L. Watters*
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Webb*

Mrs. Irene Wileman*

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Willis

Mr. John Wobbe and Ms. Daragh Porter

*  Indicates more than one contribution

Dr. and Mrs. Barney Osborne Scholarship Fund, Inc.
c/o Dave Osborne 1096 Autumn Ridge Drive
Lexington, KY 40509
(859) 227-4799