Intro to Auto Mechanics

Offered as an elective for one credit, this class is designed to provide an introduction to automotives for automobile drivers, driver trainees, and for those who intend to go on to
more specialized technical training. It is further directed to those whose goals are job selling, design, and production where a basic knowledge of automotive fundament is essential. Students will gain helpful information on how they can efficiently and safely use their vehicles and attend to maintenance whe
necessary.The course covers hand tools, engine, fuel, and ignition, electrical systems, complete chassis, drive line, preventative maintenance, and buying a new or used car.

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Auto Mechanics This course consists of the basic fundamentals and techniques of automobile maintenance and repair. The instruction is directed to acquaint the student with the parts of the automobile, care and use of tools and instruments, and interpretation of tables and charts, with provision for practical experience in analysis of engine failure. Students learn the procedures in purchasing replacement parts, the billing of services, and an appreciation of good business management in a modern automobile service organization. This class is open to juniors and seniors only and is considered a two-year vocational program.
Qualifications There are no qualifications for this course.

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