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National Academic Quiz Tournaments

Questions? Answers!

When does the activity occur?

Quiz Bowl takes place after-school from 3 to 4.30pm, throughout the fall and winter season. Each event will happen during school hours, and transportation shall be provided from the school.

When is Sign-up?

In the fall, shortly after school starts. There will be a test to gauge admittance.

What do I need before I sign up?

Nothing but your knowledge of trivia!

What is the Coach/Sponsor contact information?

Mr. McMaster (MS) can be contacted here!, and Mrs. Gunderson (HS) can be contacted here!

What are the Qualifications?

There are no set qualifications for Quiz Bowl. Should you test high enough to be on the team, you're in! At least one practice a week is mandatory, and two are highly suggested.

Where is the schedule?

There is no online copy of the schedule-- paper copies shall be given to each team member beforehand and updated on any changes.

How-To Quiz Bowl! School Handbook!


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