Ironton Varsity Singers





Alison Franz (Soprano), Brandon Morgan (Tenor), Jackson Pleasant (Bass), Chanden Sherrill (Bass), Savannah Stidham (Alto), Jacob Thompson (Bass).



Emily Arbaugh (Soprano), Holly Bruce (Alto), Trevin Dutey (Tenor), Brooke Elswick (Soprano), Kalee Gannon (Soprano), Dylan Herrmann-Holt (Bass), Caroline Minsqero (Alto), Kathryn Reed (Soprano), Kara Spencer (Soprano), Jacob Thomas (Bass), Hannah Tussey (Soprano).



Savannah Bryant (Soprano), Alyssa Holbrook (Soprano), Baylee McClain (Soprano), Lathan Markins (Bass), Rebecca Rister (Alto), Laura Shope (Soprano), Donnie Stapleton (Tenor), Sydney Strait (Alto), Jack Thompson (Bass).

“Singers” is Ironton High School’s performance choir. Students will learn to sing medium-to-difficult musical pieces, study music theory and appreciation, and prepare various programs for performance in school and in the community. Upper class status, plus an interview and audition, are required for admission to the class. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances, some of which may occur outside of regular school hours and at various locations.

One credit hour will be awarded for the successful completion of the course.



Special Activities

  • Nursing Home

  • Bellefonte Hospital

  • Sharon Baptist

  • First Baptist

  • Nazarene Church

  • King's Island

  • Ohio Southern Campus

  • Parades

  • Paramount Arts Center

  • Coffeehouse

  • CW Channel 9 (Taping)

  • Christmas By Candlelight

  • Showcase (Last performance of the year)


    "We refuse to accept anything less of ourselves than our capabilities allow."

    Little Mice Dancing


    The Wonderful, Mrs. Kathy Price



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