Ironton High School German Class

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German I

The objectives of this course are to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in German. A basic German vocabulary is built by the use of cognates and related words in English. Pronunciation is taught with songs, poems, proverbs, and tongue twisters. Grammar is introduced as needed for comprehension and communication in the language. Students are exposed to magazines, newspapers, maps and films to learn about the customs and people of Germany.

German II

Vocabulary building and more intensive study of grammar leads up to the reading of contemporary literature. Conversation in simulated everyday situations is stressed and deepens the cultural understanding. hin the frame of the German language and customs are encouraged.

German III

German III is designed to review and continue grammar already learned. The reading of contemporary materials will provide the topics for conversation and composition. Reading, writing, and speaking skills are enhanced. German III students will be required to purchase a German/English dictionary.

German IV

In German IV the student will have reached such a degree of proficiency that the discussion of German literature, films and current events can take place in the chosen language. Composition will be practiced with emphasis on style as well as grammar. German IV students will need to have a German/English dictionary for class.

Special Activities

In German Class you have the option to join German Club, in this club you will participate in canned food drives and many other things. You will also have a chance to go to Germany!


A total of 25 credits are required for graduation from Ironton High School, German I,II,III and IV are all worth 1 Credit.

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