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Important Information for Students in Mr. Ross's Classes.

About the Instructor: Ron Ross is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Education (Comprehensive). Mr. Ross began teaching public high school in 1982. From 1984-1986 Mr. Ross taught grades 7-12 in the Catholic school system before teaching 3 years at the Federal Correctional Institute in Ashland. For 10 + years Mr. Ross worked as an executive in an architectural interior design firm.Mr. Ross taught College Tech Prep at South Point High School from 2001-2004. Mr. Ross began teaching at Ironton High School in 2004. He completed his Masters Degree in Educational Technology at Ohio University in Athens in 2008.

Supplies Needed: Jump Drive (1 gig min) 1-3 CDR or CDRW. and a Folder

Class Rules:

    1. Be responsible for your own actions. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.

    2. Be respectful of others.

    3. Follow the guidelines listed in the student handbook.

Websites of Interest

Special Links of Interest

Ohio Board of Regents

Student Work

Ironton City Schools Website

Roar! Video

Ohio Dept. of Education

Becoming a Monster (Claymation)

City of Ironton Website

Portfolio Example
  2017 Senior Video

Digital Photography

Helpful Websites

Ansel Adams Resume Webquest
Stephen Crowley Examples References
Annie Liebovitz



Design Presentation Principals

The Ball Bounces (English audio file)
Sin City style PhotoShop Tutorial The Ball Bounces (Spanish audio file)
Holiday Lights Photoshop Tutorial

Turtle image- (Photoshop Project 1)

Lil Fishy!  (Interactive Game)

Church Image - (Photoshop Project 1)

The Ball Bounces!  (Interactive Spanish Lesson)

Door Image - (Photoshop Project 1)

Student Flash Movies

Photoshop Animation Lesson  


Webpage Design

Hardware Test 1 Study Sheet

FlowerPower Example

Computer Basics Worksheet

Flowerpower - (text file for Web Design Lesson )

Hardware Powerpoint Flowerpower image
Computer Basics Overview Flowerpower background
What is inside a Computer? Wired! HTML5 tutorial
Sample Powerpoint Hardware

HTML Tutorial


Tiger Talk News!

Design Principles

Sample Ads
Student Designed Websites:

Tigers for Christ

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