Care and Maintenance

General Cleaning

  • To clean the screen, only use a microfiber cloth with no additional liquid cleaning product. Be sure to wipe gently on the screen.
  • It is recommended to use canned air to blow off any dust or debris in and around the keyboard. Do not use any liquid to clean the keyboard area.
  • Never use any liquid products or sprays in, around, or on the device as this may cause damage.

General FAQ's

  • Take care plugging and unplugging any USB/thumb drives and/or other accessories.
  • Do not place any other item into the carry case besides what was issued. Additional items in the case may exert additional forces onto the device and cause breakage.
  • Do not stuff the carry case into a bookbag or locker. By applying excessive force on the case, it may damage the device inside.
  • The carry case is also known as a work-in case. The carry case is designed to allow a student to work on the device without removing it from the case. This will provide additional protection for the device.
  • Students/parents can purchase a wired or wireless mouse for additional ease of use.
  • If you wish, you can use headphones with the Chromebook. Bluetooth is disabled district-wide for security purposes.

Device Support

  • If a student suspects their credentials have been hacked, contact a school official immediately.
  • If any damage occurs, report it to a school official immediately.
  • Chrome Operating System is fault tolerant. However, if a student is having difficulty with a device, the first course of action is to turn the device off, wait 60 seconds, and then turn the device on. This solves many connectivity and operating system issues.
  • If a device does not properly shut down, it may become necessary to "hard power" the device. To accomplish this, press and hold the power button on the keyboard for 10 seconds. The device should power off. This technique should only be used as a last resort.
  • Ironton City School District has accounted for the potential of device failures in the planning process of this program. If a student device is damaged, students will have access to onsite devices during the repair of their issued device.
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